The colours always fascinate me and art attracts me. Since I was a teenager, I have discovered abstract art, early and oriental arts, visits to museums and, thanks to art history courses organised by a teacher, this attraction has steadily increased.

Adult, I always have in my close circle artists, photographers, connoisseurs. In a professional setting, I had the opportunity to meet and interview a number of them. I also published a portfolio ‘Outre-toiles’ composed of texts inspired by works of a painter friend and their reproductions. I also published by Séguier a book of interviews with the choreographer Jean Gaudin, ‘Les équilibres du vertige’.
President of an associative gallery, I participated in the organisation of the exhibitions and curated one of them. Then, since 2009, I have set up, with the members of Uchey Loisirs of which I am the president, the Taste of Art, biennial exhibition in the barns of the hamlet where I live.

But, until March 2011, apart from a few unsatisfactory attempts, I did not practice. The computer that has been part of my universe for more than thirty years has ‘unlocked’ me. At that time, a magazine devoted to digital art published an article that talked about a free fractal generator. Out of curiosity, I downloaded it and started to ‘play’ with, to ‘shake’ fractals, play with their limits rather than keep them as they are. And this practice has become the first step in a process, quite complex, which continues on Photoshop and uses the potential of layers, but also textures, my photos, digital painting techniques.
Beyond the pleasure I take in this process of creation, my ambition, through my work on shapes and colours, is to open, without going through words, the doors of the imaginary.

Practical Aspect

My digital creations can be printed on different media: art paper, canvas, Forex, Plexiglas, aluminium, and even tarpaulins for outdoor use. I limit the impression to five copies maximum, they are signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. I also reserve the right to use my works (neither signed nor numbered) for supports such as business cards, postcards, portfolios…

I have a good screen and the results to print are in line with my expectations. However, what you see on the site may be different depending on your hardware.

The copies on the site were resized for the Internet and heavily compressed.

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Since the beginning of this year 2017, I joined the association 13+.

According to the definition of fractal , of the Latin fractus, broken “is said of mathematical objects whose creation or form finds its rules only in irregularity or fragmentation; Is called the branches of mathematics which study such objects. To “dig” you can read the article on Wikipedia.

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