The intercultural project with Kentucky originated in a meeting between Micheline Reboulleau, artist and president of the association 13 + and the American artist Cherokee Gena Neumann. It was in 1996, in Mainz, at the Festival of street arts organised by the city of Dijon. From this meeting, a friendship was born between the two artists. Invited by Gena, Micheline worked and exhibited in Louisville in 2000. As for Gena, she came to Dijon in 2002 to exhibit on the theme ‘Spirit of nature’.
And in 2017 it leads to an artistic project with Kentucky built on two axes.

–Discover American artists and discuss their respective practices.
–To expose to Louisville the work of the 13 + artists who participate in the project.
–And, conversely, to allow American artists to publicise their work and exhibit.

—American artists will be able to discover the heritage of Dijon and wider Burgundy.
–Conversely, these meetings will be enriching.

The highlight of this project is a joint exhibition:
—at the While Building in Louisville, Kentucky, May 22 to July 27
—At the Hotel Bouchu d’Esterno in Dijon from 24 August to 22 October.

Each group of artists deals with a different theme:
–‘The pretty vine’ for 13 +
–‘Joy of life’ for American artists.

Some 13+ artists will travel to Louisville from June 23 to July 5. They will be the spokesperson of the association and of the exhibited work and will represent the city of Dijon and its region.
Conversely, artists from the Artemisia Society workshop will come to France in the autumn. They will meet the public and discover the heritage of our region.
In early 2017, I was invited to join the 13 + association and to participate in the project. Working on this theme through the evocative power of colours was a challenge for me that I wanted to take up.
For reasons of ease of transport, the works created on the theme ‘The pretty vine’ had to be either 30 x 30 cm or 80 x 80 cm. For my part, I have my works printed on Forex. The four seasons of the vine are in 30 x 30 cm and the evocation of red wine and that of white wine in 80 x 80 cm.

‘The Four Seasons of the Vine’








The Wine

Le vin rouge
Red Wine


Le vin blanc
White wine.